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May 25, 2005

Important notice regarding your compliance with Rule 240.17f-1


Requirements for reporting and inquiry with respect to missing, lost, counterfeit or stolen securities

Starting on January 1, 2006 the following changes will take effect regarding your relationship with the Securities Information Center (SIC®):

Reporting Lost, Missing, Stolen, Counterfeit or other Certificate Data
SIC® will NO LONGER accept Paper X-17 forms or any other transaction related communication via mail or fax.

Inquiry on Certificates in your possession
SIC® will NO LONGER accept inquiry requests via Mail or sent via Fax.

We suggest you begin the transition process from these methods as soon as possible so that you can stay in compliance once the cut off date of January 1, 2006 has been reached. For the majority of users this transition will involve utilizing our free website to report or inquire on our database.

You can sign up for access on our website, or if you wish to discuss automating your SIC communication please email us at sic@lseg.com to get started.

After auditing our internal process it has been determined that this is the final area that needs to be addressed to fully comply with our current Business Continuity Planning efforts. In order to continue providing you uninterrupted service in the event of an emergency it is imperative that we implement this policy as soon as possible.

We thank you in advance for your assistance!

LSEG Securities Information Center.

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