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March 27, 2006

Important notice regarding telephone inquiry


Compliance with Rule 240.17F-1

Inquiry will no longer be allowed via telephone

Starting on July 1 2006 the following change will take effect regarding your communication with the Securities Information Center (SIC®):

Inquiry on certificates via telephone WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED
In order for SIC to meet our internal Business Continuity guidelines we have begun the transition to a full business continuity program in the event of a site failure at our current production facility. The only remaining hurdle is our call center which currently handles less than 1% of our daily inquiry volume.

In order to facilitate 100% business continuity we are moving all telephone inquiries over to full electronic means. In most cases, this will mean that current telephone users will have to register on our website for a user name and password so that they can enter their inquiry and get their results in the event that our facility is closed for any reason.

We suggest you begin the transition process immediately so that you can remain in compliance once the cut off date of July 1 2006 has been reached. For the majority of our users this will involve using our website, but other electronic methods will be available if you choose to automate this process.

You can sign up for access here or call our Customer Service Center to get started.

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